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Sirius isnesS

Ali 12.10.2007, 02:14 6581 12

Sirius Isness is the full on morning psychedelic trance project of Davina and Max. Davina, 28 years old, was born in France but grew up in New Caledonia, an island between Australia and New Zeland. Max, 27 years old, was born in California, but spent half of his life in France.They started making music together in the year 2000, and released their first track as Sirius Isness in the year 2003. Since then, getting impressive feedback from the public, they have been making more and more tracks released on important labels such as : Mind Control Recs, SPUN, 3D Vision,Solstice, Spirit Zone, Moon Spirits, Dragonfly, Neurobiotic, Phantasm Recs,Crystal Matrix,Sirius Recs,Transient, Space tribe music, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, ZMA, Agitato Recs, and many more......
Their first album "Resolution of Duality " came out in May of 2004 on Moon Spirits Recs, and was the big suprise of the year with amazing melodies and production quality for the full on  morning lovers.
In the year 2005, Max and Davina were really proud to present their second album "BREAKING THE MATRIX ", released in April 2005 on Mind Control records. They have been playing their Live set  and dj set all around the planet in big events in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, New Caledonia , Russia, Switzerland, Australia, England, Morrocco, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA , Hungary, Denmark, Italy and many more, and rocking dance floors with their incredible energy on stage, and this new concept of a man and a woman working together!
For this new Year 2006 ,Max and Davina are releasing many tracks on differents compilations and made many new collaborations,expected to be released this current year .and they are proud to annouce that they will start working on a Third Sirius isness album very soon ! Get ready for it ..

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Онлайн Napalm

По русски бы хоть..

Онлайн Ali

Мужской организатор
учите англ.  :pardon:

Онлайн Napalm

Ну хорошо, что хоть не на хинди )

Онлайн Bianco

Мужской тех поддержка
А всё-таки, elf, почему на русском форуме пишешь на импортном? =)

Онлайн Napalm

elf, а почему ты - русский, а никнэйм нерусский?! ))

вопрос ко всем!!!!
пысы.  :biggrin:

Онлайн NoID

noid=шизик (не нравится как выглядит на кириллице :victory: )

по теме: что-то от них нравилось раньше, не помню что :unsure:
(вполне читабельно изложено :good: )

Онлайн Анонимный любитель пситранса

Мужской местный
12.10.2007, 15:48 | Правка: 01.12.2012, 04:45

Онлайн felicidad

Женский местный
ах почему, почему, почему был светофор зеленым... :lol:

Онлайн Анонимный любитель пситранса

Мужской местный
12.10.2007, 15:51 | Правка: 01.12.2012, 04:45

Онлайн Napalm

оффпопик )

Онлайн Yaleeni

Женский организатор
RESOLUTION OF DUALITY вроде был хороший у них...или это не у них? :biggrin:
упятница! :biggrin:

Онлайн Napalm

У них у них... и трек с этого альбома, который так и назывался - тож хороший )
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