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Various - Twist Dreams (Suntrip rec.,2007)

Ali 22.09.2007, 08:04 3198 6

у кого нибудь есть ссылочка для ознакомления ?  :search: что то мне подсказывает что диск интересный...


1   Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit   08:00   140 BPM
2   Aerosis - Contorsion   09:04   146 BPM
3   Red Gravity - Momentary 29   07:25   143 BPM
4   Talpa - Till We Meet Again   07:53   145 BPM
5   Merr0w - Utopian Society   07:56   146 BPM
6   KhetzaL - TranceFuzion   08:33   143 BPM
7   Filteria presents KOB - Weight of Oblivion (feat. Klara Steiner)   07:05   144 BPM
8   Afgin - Dimensional   08:46   135 BPM
9   Ra - Gates of Tiphareth   06:06   112 BPM

Total time : 70:57
Style : Melodic psychedelic trance.
Mastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios
Cover/Tray/Back artwork : Margot Schaefer @
Inlay & CD artwork : Fabien Mars @
Cat no : SUNCD06
Format : CD
Release Date : January 26th 2007

Don’t mind the long and cold winter because Suntrip is back with 9 sunny, melodic, positive and sensitive Goa Trance tracks Anno 2007 ! Of course the main concept is super psychedelic emotional Goa Trance that will warm your heart ; but expect some hints with progressive trance and ambient as well… the musical journey will be even more Challenging than "Apsara" !

You will get a handful of well known artists like Talpa, Khetzal, Filteria ; and Ra (ex Dimension 5), who decided to join Suntrip family for his come-back!

But Suntrip keeps looking for new talents as well, this time new sound wizards found in Germany (Cosmic Silence), the USA (Aerosis), Sweden (Red Gravity), France (Merr0w) and Israel (Afgin), have joined us! Expect a lot from these new names in the future...

We hope this compilation will be your guide when you dream, trance, dance, fly, ride, dive and smile next years!

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Tracks information
1   Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit   CosmicSilence is a great opener for this compilation German-based Michael Nadj knows how to blend Progressive trance with the blissful melodies of GoaTrance perfectly! The perfect morning stomper...

2   Aerosis - Contorsion   Aerosis will bring you in a deep trance with a floating trance track that is so subtle that only the full 9 minutes will make you understand this heavenly track!

3   Red Gravity - Momentary 29   Red Gravity starts the more twisted part of the compilation, fast twirling melodies, acid 303’s all around, and a massive break. Also the hand of Jannis "Filteria" should be noticeable here and there...

4   Talpa - Till We Meet Again   Talpa will surprise many people here: A very euphoric track with nice violins and super positive melodies, proving how multi-talented Goran really is.

5   Merr0w - Utopian Society   Merr0w’s track is an in your face mad Goa Trance track that will bring electric snakes and spirals all over the place! Not for the fainthearted...

6   KhetzaL - TranceFuzion   Khetzal was already well known for his deep spiritual trance, well, once again he slarizes our bodies & souls with a beautiful and powerful psytrance beauty !

7   Filteria presents KOB - Weight of Oblivion (feat. Klara Steiner)   Filteria’s new project K.O.B. will concentrate on different soundscapes, enjoy this new style filled with effects and the heavenly voice of Klara Steiner!

8   Afgin - Dimensional   Afgin’s track is an Israeli artist that gives us the symbiosis of all the old masters of his home-country! Sensitive melodies and fantastic climaxes!

9   Ra - Gates of Tiphareth   Ra is back! This master was out of the scene for many years, but returned with one of the best spiritual trancy ambient tracks you’ll ever hear!

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Онлайн stg

диск более чем интересный!!
в общем как и остальные релизы от Suntrip rec

Онлайн Moonlight

Мужской местный
Эльф, проверь личку ;)

Онлайн Анонимный любитель пситранса

Мужской местный
22.09.2007, 12:15 | Правка: 01.12.2012, 04:42

Онлайн Анонимный любитель пситранса

Мужской местный
22.09.2007, 12:16 | Правка: 01.12.2012, 04:42

Онлайн Ali

Мужской организатор
спасибо!!! тока меня вряд ли там будет  :pardon:

если у тебя в аудио, захвати на Валдай  :friends:

Онлайн Ali

Мужской организатор
Эльф, проверь личку ;)


только сейчас заметил какой  у тебя красивый ник  :alien:
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