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02.06.2007 Fungus Funk LIVE + Neuromotor Dj Set@Tallinn, Estonia

Легендарный 23.05.2007, 18:09 8299 2

Well hello there dear fellow hippie's..We are going to have a' little event here and we thought to add some info for your knowledge.

Regarding Line Up:

"Fungus Funk" - The Russian producer who has made some shaking all over the world now with he's first album, is going to offer us an outstanding Live set of he's new album called "Electric Grooves" coming out from N3XU5's "Sin" records at the end of may/beginning of june..those who went to BOOM 2006 heard some news.. those who didnt ..feel kinda sad for you.. and you doubt it's a kicker ? Come and see!..than again .. MOVE your feet.

"Vainoharha" Well who is he ? i dont know .. but let's give him a chance! .. Just kidding.
A Finnish forest native who joined the program..We'll see some banging when he warm's up the main guest.

"Shroom Feverish" Estonian duo who has played in many events, aswell as produced some weird funky dancefloor tracks - still remained unreleased tho. Hope to hear them on a compilation soon!

"Shakti" One of the guys behind 'Chillium Crew' in Estonia doing good work on promoting psychedelic music in Estonia and keeping the scene alive.. played in various events in many country's with some big names.


"Neuromotor" (FRA) - Mechanik , Medusa records

Art by:

Toomas Altnurme.. a person that needs no introduction.. but still if you dont know him and hes work than feel free to check it out from:

Hope to see you all there..

peace out.

Blaticbeat Crew
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Онлайн Легендарный

Totaly Killer line up для Эстонии! жаль когда ездили не зацепили эту парти!

Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный
АГА.Жаль что она нас не зацепила)))  зато парней с района зацепит I Guess) :dash:
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