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Tim Duster 25.10.2006, 23:48 98614 156




Elixiria is proud to present a spectacular UG New Year Eve party for our friends and loved ones. This event will be the most powerfull showcase ever in our scene so far. Be part of the new Elixiria. We will bring the message from the stars to everyone with open heart and mind. Join the forces of the Elixiria family and make history with us. Love leading the way.

Deviant Species live / Ambivalent Records UK
Dj Pitch / World hooligans/parasense family RU
Jahbo / Parvati records DK
Mussy Moody / Parvati records DK
E.V.S.Y LIVE / Exogenic records / Faerie Dragon FI
Calamar Audio LIVE / Elixiria records FI
Anar / Vertigo records/ Wider visions
Satori / Elixiria Records (st.petersburg) RU
Unitone / Sunstation/Elixiria  Recrods (RUS/EE)
V.I.G / Elixiria records (Estonia) EE
Intriga LIVE /Elixiria records FI
Miazu vs Polly vs Tim Duster / Elixiria records / People of the Butterflies


Solarians / Elixiria records / Compact records FI
Mackematic / Exogenic records / Kiwa FI
Dreadlock Tales / Elixiria Records FI
Mamooshka / Elixiria records FI
Soma FI
Indigo / Elixiria Records FI
Melanty / Elixiria records (st.petersburg) RU
Electrienna / (Sunstation/Elixiria  Recrods ) RU
Psy.K.Rool (Moscow) RU
Keerych (Luminokaya lab.) RU
Psi psokoino / Chillum Tribe (Estonia) EE

Decorations by:

Space Effect (moscow) RU
Space of joy RU
Luminokaya Lab. RU
Jandroy FI
Higher Realm LT
Pehizu >All time scene warrior with 8d string systemabolics FI

Lights by: Hailisen Lasse & MCX
Soundsystem: Elixiria (6kw 4point)

TICKETS: will be available in one week and limited for 400 people.Tickets will be sold only in advance @ Valoverstas, Cyber Shop(central tunnel & Kamppi center 5:th floor) and Tiketti.
DAMAGE: 25 EUR including a free breakfast & snacks & champagne and a issue of Elixiria Magazine (first 200 will get a free cd)

for russian citizens there are 50 tickets for 20 EUR available, to book them please email All bookings must be sent until 26.12.2006
(We cannot make invitations or visas this time)

For foreigners who would like to join the event, send mail to Tickets will be sold out pretty quickly so act fast ;)

DRESSCODE: "smart"
LOCATION: Mäntsälä
Driving instructions later on. ВНимание место проведение изменилось (тут указано уже новое)

Ennakkolipun lunasteneiden kesken arvomme levyj ja bilevaatteita!

JAHBO (Parvati Records)


Born in the year of 1981, Jahbo grew up in a Hippie society in the north of Denmark. From where alot of his inner inspiration sources still feeds from today... in life and musical influences.

Later he moved south to Aarhus, where he met alot of beautiful people, and good psy music! Which all started his story in music...
Today he is still based in Aarhus, together whit all the other headbanging artists from this side of the Planet, artists like Gow, Mussy Moody, Hokus Pokus, Vicious spiral, Alrune and more...
Jahbo Produces dark twisted psy-fi music, as well as playing full twisted Dj sets.
His Sound is fast, funky&#acute;Dark.. in a blend of strong basslines, surrealistic leads and twisted efx sounds, put in big morphing sound scapes... and of course a good portion of magic humor... ;-)
No choices for the traveller but to follow the Storys!!!
For Dj sets Jahbo plays crispy night music (in true Aarhus style!) ... occasionally also some funckt up morning sets. The general atmosphere is underground madness...

"Tune in and turn up!!!"

MUSSY MOODY (Parvati Records)

Is a psychedelic trance producer from Denmark, originally born in Vietnam. She has been making music for 5 years now. In 1999 she started in a electronic computer school in Aarhus, where she began to make psytrance, after which she has been working as a sound designer in a software company called Koblo which makes synths and samplers. I have big passion for the madness in psytrance and have been in projects like Psylo Cowboys and The Dizzy Elf.


Calamar Audio is project by Ville Ruoho which
started as a solo project when travelling to India 2003.
These days Calamar Audio sound has influences from many styles in
trance and all kind of electronic music. 2 albums possible out from
internet based label Antiscarp records and debut CD soon possible.
Ville is also participating projects like Salakavala,
F-Virus, LPC and Antiscarp Warriors, whose tracks are many included
when performing dj sets. Until these days Calamar Audio has been performed in
countries like Finland, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, India,
Ukraine, Czech Repuplic, Romania, Hongkong and Australia.


It was the summer of the year 2000 when the spaceship of Eraser vs Yjalka was launched to reach even the most faraway dimensions of the Finnish psychedelic trance music. They follow the tradition of Suomi sound with their own distinct style taking influences from heavy metal, funk, classical and various genres of electronic music. Both the members of the duo have a background in classical music, which transformed in their teens into playing in punk bands and doing electronic music projects. Today you can hear all of that melting together in the wild and weird sound of Eraser vs Yjalka which is born from the forest parties and the early Goa trance scene in Finland.
Eraser vs Yjalka released their first tracks on Exogenic in the form of Eraser vs Yjalka EP in 2001. First releases were uplifting crazy trance music and its creation involved a lot of traveling by train as Yjalka lived in the small city of Pori and Eraser in Helsinki. After the first EP Eraser vs Yjalka has released two long play albums on Exogenic, Round 1 and Tarinat. In these releases they say the music is much more in accordance to the general laws of psychedelic trance music without forgetting the ballyhooing soundscapes of Finnish forest sound.
Eraser vs Yjalka are known to launch their spaceship also in live gigs to send their audiences to the orbits of their musical universe created by computerization, percussive elements and effect modules. Sometimes they flavor their performances with an electric guitar as well. Year 2006 has been a very busy year for the duo as they have already played in Russia, Israel, Turkey, Slovak Republic, Ukraine and Denmark.

INTRIGA (Elixiria Records)

A young electronic musician from Finland who started to create music after listening to some goa tracks in the late 90s.
He has been on gigs all around Europe (Finland, Belgium, Russia) since the first gig in Helsinki early 2000, with numerous names known to world, such as Quantum Leap, Lemurians, Texas Faggot, Miraculix, Wizack Twizack, just to name a few.
Intriga masters the acid sounds and orchestral melodies and the music thatt he produces is something from uplifting funkish goa to gothic tunes and dark psy.
A part of Elixiria records and The people of the butterflies family

DJ PITCH (Parasense Family)

Start to play psychedelic trance sicne 1998. Played in plenty of Moscow clubs and ennumerous open-airs like electronic festivals LESS where many thousands true trance lovers came. Besides that he is frequent guest of night clubs of different russian cities like Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Kiev and several years participated in Kazantip project (Crimea 2001-2006). He played also abroad in such countries like Brasil, Holland, and Finland. Because of big amount of friends all over the world he has one of the biggest collection of modern psychedelic trance in Russia. Nowdays he prefers in his sets to play musiciants like Parasense, Psymetrix, Cactus, Kluster, Error Corrective and other english-style psychedelic trance projects.

MELANTY (Elixiria Records)

Born in St-Petersburg, Russia, still living there..
How it was..
It was a beautiful winter in Kazan, Tatarstan, 2003 when I realized I want to be included in playing and making music. My dream came true in a year in one St-Petersburg’s forest open-air. There, I understood that psychedelic chill out is the music I want to play. It is the fascinating music of feelings and relaxation.
In past years I played in Finland, most of parties were Elixiria –parties. I also played in Konemets –festival, summer 2006. Sisto-party and several forest open-airs in St-Petersburg.
How it is now..
I like to pick up the slow music tracks from famous group projects and collect ethnic type of music. I like spiritual energy obtained from different types of trace music.


V i G is Ilja Voznjak, born 01.07.1985, located in Tallinn/Estonia.
Project established in 1998. Working with progressive, goa, psychedelic, trance music.
First favorite genre i prefered was hardcore, which i heard in first grade in school.
After few years, when hardcore was underground, i had no choice and listen everything that music tv channels were playing (pop, rock, hip-hop and techno). I forgot about hardcore and enjoyed techno, more than other styles.
Actually, i was a hip-hop fan many years, untill the moment i heard some hard-trance compilation, my brother were listening. It was awesome for me, something new and not soft like pop.
And then, i heard my first goa trance, it was astral projection, infected mushroom and cherouvim. Since that moment i listen trance mostly, progressive, hard, goa-psy.
Then, comes the moment in history, when me and my brother bought computer:
first 2 years - computer lessons and games
next 2 years - games and different soft learning
then about 2 years - learning sonic foundry and propellerheads software.

UNITONE (Sunstation/Elixiria Records)

Anton was born in Russia but when he was 3 years old  his family had moved to Estonia which was a part of Soviet Union.  His passion for collecting and listening to music was inherited from his father, who was a seaman and brought home a lot of records from different countries. Later he was introduced to Dj culture and started practicing it by himself playing at school disco and small private parties all around Tallinn.  When he heared Astral Projection performing live in Tallinn he realised that he wants to play same cosmic sounds  and turned his head into trance music.
After finishing school he was involved in organising several trance parties in Estonia and frequently went to play at neighbour countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia. He performed on big festivals like 5 Element and Sun Dance Music Festival in Tallinn as well as on underground forest gatherings like Shambala (Lithuania), Liquid Sunset  (Latvia) , Systo-Palty (Russia), Mid Summer Festival (Finland) and many clubs among them are Tonel (St.Peterburg), Depo (Riga), Stereo (Vilnus),
In 2003 he decided to move to St. Petersburg (Russia) and entered  University there. In 2005  he  joined SunStation ( and nowdays he is active promoting lable events and performing as a resident DJ.
In his sets he plays very different music always trying to amaze the audience  with something original and sharing all his energy with dance floor.  It can be funky groovy  and uplifting psygressive trance, as well as more deep hypnotic techtrance. And for chill out areas he usually offers a mixture of IDM, chilled down electro and breaks with smooth psychedelic touch.
For sure you wont get bored when Unitone is behind the decks.

ELECTRIENNA (Sunstation/Elixiria Records)

Her interest to electronic music has grown since childhood. It started from disco hits of 80’s went through d’n’b and house. Finally after first trip to India she turned her mind into the psychedelic stream.
Electrienna debuted on Russian trance scene in 2005 she began with creating of cosy relaxing atmosphere in chillout areas, where her sound varies according to the mood and energy of the people.
From the beginning of 2006 she performes on the dance floors with different types of sets from progressive, full on sometimes. She dilutes her sets with her favourite tunes of Suomi artists.
She participated in such events like:
Konemetsa Festival (FIN), Klusa Daba festival’ ( LT),
Luquid transmitter ( Incunabula, Sunstation, Spb) chill out breaks set
Underwater miracales ( Sunsation, Spb) progressive set
Connected minds HB of of Psy Trance SPB chill out set
The labirints of mood (FTPG, promo, Moscow) dark full on set
Robots da funkadelic (Elixiria party) chill out, ambient set
And others...

Anar (Cosmic Theatre, Vertigo Records, Wider Visions)

Storming psytrance for deepest hours!
Anar aka Antti Moilanen label owner of Cosmic Theatre records and a recident dj for Vertigo records. Anar has so far released 2 compilations - one on hes own label and another one on Vertigo records. Lately Anar has been touring around the globe to presenting hes unique music selection. Including countries like Norway, Russian, Portugal, Brazil and Ukraine just to name a few. His set for night hours are pure scandomadness and at morning high energy groovers.

DREADLOCK TALES (Elixiria Records, Space Boogie)


Dreadlock Tales is a dub group from Finland. The collective was founded in 1999 as a studio project to record roots dub reggae. Today DLT sound is dub stepper with an echo of psychedelia and roots. Machines combined with instruments. Though the project was supposed to stay in the studio, something happened and over 50 shows have been performed in past few years including in sweden and russia. Playing in parties with projects like: Channel One Soundsystem, S.U.N. Project, CPC, Lemurians, Derango, JahBo.. In some Fin events to mention: Konemetsa, Faces festival... You can find Dreadlock Tales dubbin` in reggae clubs, psy parties, forest gatherings.... wherever the people are free.

SPACE EFFECT (Visual side FX)

From Space to Space!
Our life is flowing like water. In this flow floating, mixing together, splitting up, growing and collapsing are the universes, events, people.
But there always is forever uniting eternity, its amazing beauty, light and freedom. Different people, keen on having fun and enchanted with the breath of eternity, have met many years ago, and have decided not just to be consumers of then young trance culture, but have started to create it with their hands. The light happiness of the first psychedelic parties has gone now. The darkness is taking over the dance floors; further and further the DARK style is conquering the rave spaces. We want to see the world coloured again. We want to return its rainbow look, as it is by its true nature. We are travelling not only the roads of our sub-consciousness - India, Africa, Latin America, we have absorbed all the colours of the world, experienced with our heart its rhythms and contrasts. We are free and open! Find Gods in your Trip! BHOLENATH!

Автор: Tim Duster

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Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный
26.10.2006, 00:04 | Правка: 26.10.2006, 00:05
more suomi saundi please.......NEW YEARRRRRRR

Онлайн Moonlight

Мужской местный
26.10.2006, 00:33 | Правка: 26.10.2006, 12:30
Tim Duster, why russian edition will be 4 times not 5 times as international?

Онлайн Karna

10xx alot!
We really need stuff like this here...

Онлайн ~25dancer25~

Мужской организатор
Trootootoo wil do here design :good:

Онлайн koshka

31.10.2006, 20:42 | Правка: 31.10.2006, 20:44
Trotototoo really ready to come to make design for new year???? This is the gresatests news for long time if this is possible. About magazine, there will be as much russian editions as we get russian people to translate this project :rtfm: And in finnish we try to make every month one magazine but lets see how things start rolling... So if someone has talentet skills to translate from finnish to russia we are ready to offer a home in finland and 24 hours use of our office/studio :help:

I wish to see all russian friends in this event and i add information as soon as we get the line-up confirmed.



Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный
08.11.2006, 18:00 | Правка: 08.11.2006, 18:06
I hope to see there Estonian and Lithuanian people also.   :wub: :wub:

Онлайн Lo

and what about location?

Онлайн Легендарный

09.11.2006, 12:08 | Правка: 09.11.2006, 20:29
Hope to see there SaNTA Clowns as well!!! :mamba:

Онлайн SkAzOchNik

Мужской местный
я верю в Санту! ))))

Онлайн Karna

hmmm..  but why don't you start this project with psyjournal in english?

Онлайн messkalina

Женский местный
and what about location?

More in detail please..)) :crazy:

Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный
line up please...
Santa still in acid,he can't comes.

Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный
13.11.2006, 23:10 | Правка: 14.11.2006, 00:44
WOW.Line up here.....kitos  :wub: :wub: :wub:
Народ кто едет 31 ого?МОжет кто из Москов пипл???Я планирую поехать на поезде в 16:32,т.к не имею возможности поехать раньше .КТо хочет присоединиться???Поезд приезжает 20:48 ,место в 40 км от Хельсинки .У нас еще будет время,что бы все успеть))
Только если надумаете с билетом нужно решать заранее.Пишите в личку. :friends:

Онлайн Maiia

Great party!
So many friends in chillout :good:

Онлайн casual hippie

Скажите, други, сколько стоит самая дешевая доставка тела из Спб в Хельсинки в предновогодний период? Говорят, есть даже маршрутки. И когда это все нужно начинать бронировать?

Онлайн Keerych

Marshrutki ot gostinnicu Oktyabrskaya 20.00 - 21.00 - 15E
Bus 10E
Kak budet pered nivum godom neizvestno
Tak ponimayu budet mnogo nashih :victory:
Do vstre4i

Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный
15.11.2006, 12:13 | Правка: 15.11.2006, 12:16
перед Новым годом будет зад.....ца с автобусами.Подойти за несколько дней к автобусам у гостиницы Октябрьская и узнать как можно забронировать.Номера я все растеряла...

Dj.Psy.K.Rool (Moscow) RU ) круто.Ваще...
да и вообще друзья подтягиваються)

Онлайн casual hippie

Я из МСК, подойти к Октябрьской никак нельзя... :unsure:

Онлайн Легендарный

15.11.2006, 14:26 | Правка: 15.11.2006, 14:36
4ё та хэдлайнеры жеткач какой то!  ваше сотношение   Durkача к rest of trance 50/50 получается....что ж интересна девки пляшут :music:
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