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26 of August

Culture and art project Noass (NOAH) is experienced in organizing different local and international art festivals. The team of Noass is intended to promote and popularize contemporary art by wide range of contemporary art projects. Previously there has been succesful implementation of this aim, which shows the ability of Noass to carry out and continue creative ideas.
For several years the team of Noass has been succesful in carrying out one of its projects “?densgabali” (waterpieces), the central aim of this project is to create a representative collection of Latvian video art and to actualize video art in Latvia. The team of Noass proves its ability to organize simultaneously several projects of different scale by coherent and creative management.
“Noass” is intended to broaden its horizon and field of activity, to highlight new aspects in video art, as well as make wider audience aware of promising upcoming music style by organizing ambient music and video art festival “Klusa Daba” (quit/calm nature). The festival is an independent ambient music and video art project, which will be partly engaged in the yearly art festival “?densgabali”. The performers of ambient music and video artists will create the interaction of these two forms of art. Ambient music style intensifies perception of video art. The festival will give the opportunity to popularize and explain ambien music for Latvian public.
For three years the festival “KLUSA DABA” was organized in Ventspils by NGO “D.A.B.A”, this year the organizing is delegated to culture and art project “Noass” in order to make it more accessible for wider public.
Ambient music is noncommercial and is related to with creating atmospheric environment. The origin of ambient music is nature and everyday life sounds, and combinations and variations of them by experiment and synthesis become ambient music pieces. This music style has its traditions since 1960, as well as wide and predictable future development. The first experimental pieces of ambient music in Latvia were created in 1980ies by NSRD. Since 1980ies there have been few ambient music albums released due to very slow development of this music style in Latvia.
The organizing of such festival will help to create stable cooperation with foreign partners, as well as to make an international network of similar organizations, studios and individual artists within ambient music style and field of video art. It is important not only to make a network with foreign cooperation partners, but to create national cooperation network, as well as to support further collaboration between Latvian performers and artists.
Performers and video artists from Sweden, Finland, Poland, Ukraina, and the Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia will take part in the festival thus giving the chance to introduce Latvian audience with works of international ambient music performers and video artists. As well as to introduce with Latvian ambient music and latest video art works. For the first time such international big scale festival will be organized in Latvia, it will feature not only ambient music performers (DJs) and video artists, but attract wide audience, which will help to popularize this music style and video art in Latvia.
International ambient music and video art festival will take place on AB Dambis (AB pier) in the river Daugava, across Riga Old Town, it is planned that the festival will be twenty four hours, starting at 12:00 AM, there will be special programms for day and night. The chosen place of the festival will make it possible for more people to visit it. Outdoor festival will emphasize the connection of ambient music and nature, showing calm artistic environment in contrast to urban rhythm and everyday life speed. Urban scenery and the river Daugava is a natural setting, which creates special atmosphere and corresponds with the aim of the festival - to create a place for relaxation in the heart of the city.
It is planned to set up five stages, equiped with audio and video system and a screen. The programme consists of ambient music and live instrumental performances. The stage design will be made by the students of Latvian Academy of Arts. The installations will contain elements representing ambient music. Stage design as a supplementary component will emphasize the artistic environment of the festival and create harmonizing atmosphere.
Video art works will be screened during night programme, the theme of video art works is “The city rhythm and speed”. The dynamics of video art works will highlight the atmospheric sounding of ambient music. A common concept of audio and video art works will be created by collaboration of audio and video artists.

if u want to join the festval like artist/dj or vj, please fill the follow registration forms:
and send it to :

сорри за инглиш, пойзже выложу на русском + хедлайнеров.

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