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Spiral Spell by Various Artists compiled by SiD [released September 27, 2019]

Robert 27.09.2019, 17:33 248 0

Deep inside all of us, there is rhythm. Constant pulsating vibration, gently led by our heartbeat. Like flowers, we grow tall, we bloom and we spread our roots into the web of existence. Since the beginning of time, a spell is cast on us. A spell, so powerful, it can move mountains and makes us want to reach for the stars. As the earth rotates around the sun and as the sun spirals around the center of the galaxy, we dance under the influence of this wonderful sorcery of life. Patronus Records proudly presents their newest Compilation by Various Artists: Spiral Spell. Carefully put together by SiD, it'll strenghten this spell, it'll awake, what was asleep inside of you all the time. Intricate soundscapes created by numerous talented artists around the world for one purpose only. To give another powerfull spin to the rythm of your heart.

released September 27, 2019
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