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VA - Twilight Adventures Compiled By ClockTail Rec (CLOCKDG011)

¤CloCkTaiL¤ ¤RecordS¤ 03.04.2017, 18:02 11083 1

Finally spring has come and nature changes all colours and smells, soon will come warm days and after that starting summer with series of different outdoor parties and festivals.ClockTail Records is happy to announce massive underground twisted compilation wich introduce every listener into the longest psychedelic trip session.One by one tracks was be compiled by label managers (dj Mindwarp) and his very good friend (dj X-Trees), second part of ClockTail Records. 
We was discovered ultra high frequency psychedelic trance tracks from all over the globe.This compilation like one of a biggests diamonds in our dimension will be crashing all humans minds every time while you listening it... 

Tracklist :

01-Konflux And Kiva - Lucky Bolt {146 bpm} [07.26]
W&P by Vasily Myazin @ Bedtime Studios - San Francisco / USA

02-Phase And Circus Bent - Timeless {146 bpm} [07.36]
W&P by Giacomo Martoccia And Lukas Mantodea @ Florence / Italy, UK

03-Telepathy - Escape From The Sheeple {145 bpm} [08.13]
W&P by William Langroudi @ Mindworx Studios - Cape Town / South Africa

04-Fractal Spin - Ode To Mr Nice {146 bpm} [06.11]
W&P by George Hadjiconstantinou @ Sheffield / UK

05-Act One - Splanky {148 bpm} [07.23]
W&P by Jack Allsopp @ Uk

06-Zzbing - Elogo {148 bpm} [08.06]
W&P by Sean Crollman @ Oxford / UK

07-Groove Hunter - Siva Vibe {150 bpm} [06.37]
W&P by Iliya Zorin @ St. Petersburg / Russian Federation

08-Buckle Vs Hashashin - Bakshish {150 bpm} [07.01]
W&P by Thiago Fideles & Dj Quentin Van Houtte @ Brasil / Belgium

09-Cosmic Brahma - Old Monk {149 bpm} [08.19]
W&P by Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studio - New Delhi / India

10-Kaya Seneman - The Discovery {152 bpm} [07.14]
W&P by Antoine Charmeaux @ France

11-Aranyo - Damn Bees Are Everywhere {150 bpm} [06.21]
W&P by Audrius Kurgonas @ Vilnius / Lithuania

12-Crabedelic - Billy Goat {149 bpm} [06.12]
W&P by Monaal Aron & Vibhas Shukla @ India

13-Kaya Seneman - Spacecraft Electrical Power {149 bpm} [07.24]
W&P by Antoine Charmeaux @ France

14-Cosmic Brahma Feat Anushunya - Auroville {148 bpm} [07.37]
W&P by Abhishek Chakraborty & Anushunya (flute) @ Maschine Studio - New Delhi / India

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Twilight Adventures
Label: ClockTail Records

Media Format: Digital Download

Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG011

Listen & Download:

Release date: 01.04.2017

Artwork Design by: Perpetuum Mobile & Liquantin

Mastered by: Mindworx Mastering

Автор: ¤CloCkTaiL¤ ¤RecordS¤

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