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Ticon - Mirage (Iboga Rec. 2016)

code23 10.10.2016, 20:52 67527 5

Ticon is back with their 6th studio album - Mirage.
The past 20 years of experiments in the Ticon music lab has seen the birth of what we now call the unique Ticon sound. Always something different, always an interesting fusion, and always pure progressive.
The trademark sound continues with 'Mirage', with the dynamic energy we have come to know from Ticon, as well as some new antics to keep us on out toes.
Ticon decided go back to the roots with this new album, leading them all the way into the heart of the scandinavian progressive sound. The purely progressive core meets a spontaneous production flow and carefully selected analogue sounds, giving the album a warm non-digital sound.
This much awaited album arrives 10th of October, accompanied by some awesome Ticon gear which we have prepared specially for this occasion. Exclusive hoodies and t-shirts look forward to joining you on the dance floor for some pure musical magic - straight from the Ticon heart!

1. Mirage
2. Out Foxed
3. Tripticon
4. Entropy
5. Stimulant
6. Behind The Wall
7. Violent Serenity
8. Ether
9. Useless Loop
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Онлайн Боцман

тикон збс!

Онлайн n0thingspec1al

Мужской организатор
люблю тайкон :) надо бы заценить степень испорченности данного коллектива)

Онлайн code23

я был на их выступлении этим летом, мне понравилось. должно быть норм музло. альбом тоже не слушал пока

Онлайн shoroh

А где он выступал? Точно не в России.

Онлайн Боцман

кстати самый душный альбом у них))
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