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23-28.07.2015 - Tree of Life festival

Edell 28.02.2015, 11:17 12170 1

Dear friends,
Welcome to "Elements" The 4th Edition of Tree of Life Festival !!!
☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯
official website:

Earth,air fire water- add lush forest to the mix spice it up with wild mountain view and you get One Tree of Life.
there not much words to describe the Magic that is happening in This place-Only those who experienced it will know...we invite you to become a part of it.

After checking a fair few new locations, we decided none of them can be as perfect as the one we had so far.
So we are staying in Izmir and to be honest we are very happy it turned out this way!

More so we decided to push the event dates to the end of July because of two main reasons:

1.Ramadan holidays starts early June and ends on mid July. Not possible and not respectful to celebrate during this holiday.

2.Weather (we had our fair share of rain and we wish to avoid that)

✯░░░▒▒▓▓██ TICKETS ██▓▓▒▒░░░✯

✯Current sales phase: 85€/250tl - Available here:

✯on 1.4.2015 (April) start final pre sale phase of: 105€/320tl

PRICE AT THE DOOR: 130€ / 400tl

✯Info about weekend tickets TBA.

You can get 70 Euro tickets in any of our Pre events world wide-just ask at the door.

Уважаемые друзья, после долгих размышлений с орг. комитетом Tree Of Life Festival, решили сделать в этом году для граждан России специальную фиксированную цену на билет в предварительной продаже начиная со второй фазы (с 13.02.2015) в размере 80 евро (для жителей Москвы оплата наличными и только в ЕВРО, для других регионов по договоренности).
по всем вопросам пишите мне ...!!!
mobile: +7 926 777 20 67

♬░░░▒▒▓▓██ Music on stage ██▓▓▒▒░░░♬

Nothing but quality here... ✯
Follow our line up announcements - Full arsenal out by the end of February.for now here is most of the main stage and some chill out head liners:

(Alphabetical order)
More artist TBA:

►Astral Projection (T.I.P.records | Israel)

►Basic (Hommega| Israel)

►Bitkit (Dacru rec | Belgium)

►Bruce(Nexus media | South Africa)

►Darwish (Circle of Life| Israel)

►Deliriant(Spectral rec,Nexus media | South Africa)

►Dee Aura (Tree of Life | Israel)

►Djane Skarma (Panel Crew/Israel)

►Dj Alex Light (Divine Spirit Records,Goa)

►Electric Universe(Dacru records |Germany)

►Elegy (Ovnimoon records |Germany)

►Electic (Tree of Life |Turkey)

►Electrocado(Delicious music - Australia)

►Edell( World People / E.R. Agency | Russia)

►Entropy (Doof rec | Israel)

►Ehuty/Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)

►Fabio Leal (Zenon | Brazil)

►Fire Starter (YSE | Israel)

►Future Anarchy - (Expo rec / BMSS rec -Israel)

►Ghost Note (Ovnimoon BMSS | Israel)

►Harmonic Rebel (Psynon Records |Cyprus)

►Hellquist (Zenon | Sweden)

►Huda G. (Moksha | Israel)

►Huja Boy (T.I.P.records | Israel)

►Isochronic (Psynon Records |Cyprus)

►J&B Project (Amplidudes rec. | Germany)

►Kliment (Zenon,Elektrick dream | Bulgaria)

►Level D(Solar records/Australia)

►Loopus in Fabula(Fabula Records| Italy)

►Lupin(Ovnimoon Records| Spain)

►Mama Gaia (UnderBraVidunder| Sweden)

►Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Argentina)

►Mechanix (Dna Rec | Israel)

►Mr.What? (Iboga| Israel)

►Nitrodrop (Alchemy Records| Israel)

►Nomad 25 (Psynon Records |Cyprus)

►OTT (Twisted records | U.K.)

►Once Upon A Time (Blue hour sounds | Bulgaria)

►Psysex/Goblin (Hadra Records|Israel)

►Plasmotek (24/7 Records | France)

►Psytotix (Dooflex | Spain)

►PsyTiger (Tree of Life/MMP|Turkey)

►Phobos (Looney moon rec.| Italy)

►Ryanosaurus (Weapon Records -Australia)

►Riff Ruff (24/7 Records | Austria)

►Saga (Tree of life| Israel)

►Sonic elysium (Sonic Elysium records| Russia)

►Sychotria (Ayauma rec | Brazil)

►Tetrameth (Weapon Records -Australia)

►Total Eclipse (Mandala Records -France)

►Tmx Mind (T.O.L./Mind manifest | Turkey)

►U-Recken (Tree of Life/ Dacru records | Israel)

►Voodoo Mantra
(Liquid Tune Rec./Turkey)

►Will O Wisp(Dark Prisma | Argentina)

►Whiptounge (Looney moon| Brazil)

►Yar Zaa(Tree of Life | Spain)

►7th Dimension (Tree of Life| Greece)

♬♬Main stage closing act by one of the biggest techno artists and performers most of you know and love...
28.7. from apx.17:00 PM till DO NOT want to miss this!♬♬

After Party:
From 28th July 21:00 PM till the next day AT 17:00P:M

That's all for now...till our next update stay well and be good!

official website: ✯✯✯✯✯



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