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10-12.07.2015 Kosmos Festival (FINLAND)

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The Gathering Of Electronic Tribes 2015

10.-12.7.2015 Närhilä, Ristiina Finland

There is a special moment in creating a new festival. The second time. The first is usually a hustle and bustle of collisions, crazy dreaming, testing various ideas and somehow getting through it all in the end.

The second time is magical. It is the moment when we take all the things that worked for the audience and supercharge them to the next level. We revolve, solve and evolve. We let go of things that didn't work for us and make peace with all the mistakes that were made. We have all the keys in our pockets.

A festival itself is a special moment. We arrive to the Kosmic Space with expectations of awe, exhilaration and unity. New friends, new ideas and new experiences. We want to party and rise to another level of existence. Hardly even noticing it, all of us bring the fuel that powers the Kosmic Engine. After the weekend, we pack our gear with smiles on our faces and happysadness in our hearts.

Finnish summer may be short, but it's packed with great energy and extraordinary possibilities.

Come join us in creating a very special festival - KOSMOS.


Again we will bring you the best domestic and international artists in underground dance music and beyond. Full artist line up will be released in the beginning of 2015 so stay tuned!


In addition to music, we offer you a wide variety of other programme with workshops, lectures, healing area, visual arts etc. The programme and performers will be released gradually throughout the end of this year to the beginning of 2015.


Our ticket partner is TIKETTI

Get your tickets:

We offer you the opportunity to buy limited amount of cheap early bird tickets:

32 € (including service fees) - please note that there is only limited amount of the early bird tickets!!
Second phase 42€ (including service fees)


Bus transportation services to the festival site will be arranged. More info regarding bus transportation tickets and cities will be released later this year.

Exact location of the festival site and the travelling instructions will be announced closer to the event date.




Again, yes!


We kindly ask those, who would like to join Kosmos Festival as shopkeepers offering handicrafts, food or other products or services to contact us between 1.1.-31.4.2015 to reserve the place.


Volunteers will be recruited in 1.1.-29.5.2015. Please follow the announcements on our website and Facebook page for more information.


Event: Kosmos Festival -

Date: 10.-12. July 2015

Age: K-18, minors under the age of 18 will be allowed entry if accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

Location: Närhilä, Ristiina, Finland

Tickets: presale at Tiketti:


'Always look at the bright side of the life'
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Онлайн Ulissa

Женский местный
13.10.2014, 22:54 | Правка: 13.10.2014, 23:05
а вот здесь можно проголосовать, кого вы хотите услышать на одной из сцен, Gravity Stage:

в списке Nam Shub of Enki, Monster Zoku Onsomb, Cybernetika, Trio Tetris, Phutureprimitive jne.

(и мой хороший друг Teknoaidi, играющий интересную музыку в стиле, который можно назвать shamancore, можете послушать и проголосовать тоже :blush))

Онлайн stopmosk

Мужской организатор
Там же можно голосовать и по другим сценам, в т.ч. трансовой

Онлайн Ulissa

Женский местный
14.10.2014, 15:22 | Правка: 14.10.2014, 15:33
вчера в спешке забыла присоединиться к сообществу :lol:

очень хотелось бы услышать Nam Shub of Enki и Monster Zoku Onsomb)

Онлайн Легендарный

Да да голосуйте за Легендарного, я вам дисков подарю! ;)

Онлайн SkAzOchNik

Мужской местный
вчера в спешке забыла присоединиться к сообществу :lol:

очень хотелось бы услышать Nam Shub of Enki и Monster Zoku Onsomb)

за меня аналогично проголосуйте там, пожалуйста :)
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