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11.03.2011 - 2'nd B-day of Rising Sun Crew @ Vilnius

Belzebubas 12.02.2011, 15:43 12487 1

All I remember as a blur: people dancing, smile, laugh, pulsating lights, beautifully painted canvas, and transit of beats felt in cell nuclei, cosmic meditation, harmony, tranquility and comfort. Why are all colorful and happy? Why are they committed to the dance and music? Why do I feel as if I were not in his body, but one flesh with the rest? Like a big body, which emits only positive emotions. I found myself in the place where the lost time, not space, and distort reality. Two consecutive years, came here, there used to find a different festival. But it's perfectly satisfied with my perpetual desire to at least leave the self .. Everything seems to lack only a moment, and then .. The sun rose. Rising Sun team was born, and I am reborn with them. Maybe it was just .. Illusion? I'll make sure this year, or dreaming, let's go together ..?

Chaos stage         

ASSIOMA (Looney Moon rec., IT)      
MOLE (Looney Moon rec., IT)      
DoHm (, LT)      
Re-Horakhty (, LT)      
Xynus (Tranceformers, LT)      
Dj set:      
PRADO (Looney Moon rec., IT)      
MOLE (Looney Moon rec., IT)      
Prasoon b2b Harry Squatter (Rising Sun, LT)
Harmony zone

CTO gram (Rising Sun)         
Saules Garsai         
Dj set:         
Space Drummer (Strokes Temple)         

Deco & Visual world

Shoom (Yegaveda)      
Candydelic (Arcona Creation)      
Psychedelic Landscape Cowboys      
Flaneur b2b UFO (Rising Sun,IL/BY)
Manomonosala (Rising Sun,LT)
mad8mad (BY)

Fire & Drums show by Fire Fans
Bar & Chaishop at good prices
Possibly to rent a room or just take sleeping bag and nap in Harmony zone.
Indoor out of Vilnius city, party in Nemencine forest, near Gela lake.

B-day gift: 20/25lt

join, joy & enjoy! ;)

More info:                        

Автор: Belzebubas

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