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Touchpad 2 MIDI

Abyrvalg 16.01.2011, 18:06 3753 4

Touchpad 2 Midi is a free VST plugin for Windows that allows you to use the touchpad on your laptop as a midi controller.

The touchpad can be configured as:

    * An XY pad
    * 4 sliders
    * 4 Buttons

At the moment only Synaptics touchpads are supported

Есть смысл упоминать, что это "полезная штука"?
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Онлайн _D9_

Есть смысл упоминать, что это "полезная штука"?
типо у всех тачпады синоптикс???

Онлайн Abyrvalg

Мужской местный
Примерно для того же, но имея некоторый секс со скриптами, можно пользовать GlovePIE.

К слову сказать, через миди можно делать что угодно, включая рисование в фотожопе и работу с любым приложением, отродясь не видавшим девайсов для работы удобнее клавы с мышой.

Онлайн Abyrvalg

Мужской местный
типо у всех тачпады синоптикс???
Почти. Маководы не в счет.

Онлайн taiga

Мужской местный
вот эта их разработка выглядит интереснее

Tablet 2 MIDI is a standalone windows application that allow you to use your graphics tablet / tablet PC / digitizer as a set of MIDI controllers. You can add a virtually unlimited number of controllers, by defining areas of the tablet surface as buttons, sliders or XY-pads. Controllers can be layered for even more customization.
You define controllers either with the mouse or with the tablet pen.
Using the pen you can digitize any hand drawn controller layout, in other words: add midi output to a piece of paper.
If you prefer drawing with the mouse, you can use a simple right click menu to quickly add a controller
Controllers can be moved, resized and copied. Finally the whole layout can be printed
By having a paper copy of the layout directly on the tablet surface you can move controllers simply by pointing on the tablet and moving the pen. This means you can avoid Looking at the screen - just like when using any hardware midi-controller.
If your tablet supports pressure, tilt and rotation you get a total of 7 parameters that can be mapped to any MIDI Continous Controller or note.
The classis example of usage is to play a theramin VSTi: you can control both pitch, amplitude and filter simultaniously. Textures / drones and pads are handy to control with XY pads too. I've had great luck controlling string based pads using the tablet as a virtual "bow"
If you like to experiment, you'll appreciate the Free form controllers - these are defined by hand-drawing two lines of any shape. Proximity to the first line creates low values, the other creates high values. Freeform controllers can be circular, curved, triangular, you name it!

то есть вакомовский планшет можно приспособить под MPC-style контроллер и играть драмы как на падах, например
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