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10.04.2010 - Chillum @ Tallinn, Estonia

.Psi Psokoino. 24.02.2010, 22:20 14193 2

Chillum Tribe & Arkona Creation Presents

Chillum Tribe and Arcona Creation would like to invite you to the magic gathering. Being inspired by immense power of Nature, which will awake after long winter, group of artists decided to bring some colours into our everyday life with help of sounds and visualisations. Art is one of inexhaustible sourses of energy, which has been connecting and gathering people of different cultures, believes and countries for thousands of years. The purpose of Art is to change our living into harmonious co-existence with Nature and to unite people.



Gaiana (Blue Hour Sounds) LT
Triphonic (Arkona Creation) LT


Gido (Blue Hour Sounds) LT
Shoom (Yegaveda) LT
Jugar (Chillum Tribe) EE
Shatki (Arkona Creation, Chillum Tribe) EE


Agni (Arkona Creation, Chillum Tribe) EE


SHOOM (Yegaveda) LT
Chillum Tribe EE
VJ Wickiss (Klusa Daba) LV

Fluoro decorated stage

Live Video Instalations

Doors open at 20.00
Preparations with Chillout Tunes till 22.00

Art Cafe (Parnu mnt 18)

Intrance Fee:
75 with flyer,  100 -  without


Автор: .Psi Psokoino.

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Женский местный
ммм! а это интересный повод съездить в Таллин  :rolleyes:

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Женский местный
я тоже так подумала :)
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