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Kyoto - Forest Trip (Space Baby Records 2009)

kyoto 31.10.2009, 10:30 5260 12

Artist : Kyoto
Title : Forest Trip
Label: Space Baby Records
Format : CD\ Digipack
Barcode : Sbcd 003
Mastering : Zymosis
Artwork : Alexander Kornienko (Alfacentaurus)
Genre: Psychedelic, Ambient, Psy Chill
Release Date: 04.12.2009

01.Intro (0:55)
02.Knockin To the Heaven Door (6:27)
03.For You (4:56)
04.Angels (6:29)
05.Forest Trip (9:43)
06.Tears Of a Rain (5:14)
07.Walking On the Sky (6:28)
08.Liquid Emotions (6:44)
09.Gloria (8:19)

Release notes:

Hello again !
Space Baby Records glad to inform you pleasant new talented composer:

Kyoto (the real name is Vitaly Zenkov) was born on February 8, 1981 in Samara, Russia. Kyoto is a Russian musician and DJ working in ambient and psychill styles. His choice of profession was largely determined by his music tastes. When a student he would listen to Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream later added by electronic projects. Already at the age of 18 Vitaly tries his hands at music playing the solo guitar in a rock group and combining acoustic and electronic music. In 2004 Vitaly makes his own electronic project which still exists. Experimenting with various music instruments KYOTO is finding his own electronic sound somewhere between the psytrance, ambient and world music. Though influenced by various trends, his music retains its intrinsic and well thought out ideas focused on the infinite search of infinite spaces. Working in a small studio equipped with a computer and a Cubase sequencer and using both electronic (synthesizers, midi-keyboards, effect processors) and acoustic instruments, he managed to create a very distinctive sound which makes his project quite ingenious in its sounding. Kyoto's works are actually a calm and soothing landscape ambient predominantly shaped by massive tonal patterns and recurring music themes interspersed with multiply reflected high frequency and mid-range samples and a vocal. Occasionally the compositions have trance rhythm structures naturally interwoven with the main ambient substrate. At present Kyoto is performing both as a musician and a DJ. More information on Kyoto (tours and performances) is available on his website

Label myspace:

Автор: kyoto

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Онлайн _D9_

/p - это переход на новую строку ?

Онлайн kyoto

именно так)

Онлайн stanislavsky

отсутствие превью вызывает недоумение и досаду у потенциальных покупателей :)

Онлайн kyoto

Превьюшки обязательно появятся на следущей неделе!!! Немного поторопился с выкладкой инфы о релизе))сорри)

Онлайн psytron

А что не указал Лейбл: Space Baby Records?

Лейбл потенциально интересен :spiteful:

любопытно что там Дима намастерил ))))

ждемс демок.....  должно быть интересно....

Онлайн SkAzOchNik

Мужской модератор
Kyoto (the real name is Vitaly Zenkov), ду ю спик рашен? :biggrin:

Онлайн UNMEN


Онлайн shivaz

Мужской организатор
демки доступны для прослушки  :music:

Онлайн shivaz

Мужской организатор
Amazing forest psychill from Kyoto available ONLINE NOW!!  :music:
Dear friends, you can start your Forest Trip from:

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   - PsyShop    (CDs - Germany -
   - SaikoSOunds   (CDs - China -
   - JunoDownload    (digital -
   - AudioJelly    (digital -
         We love you!    Space Baby Rec

Онлайн shivaz

Мужской организатор
В продажу поступили новинки от Space Baby Records  [:-}
Sbcd 003   Kyoto - Forest Trip (Space Baby Records)
Sbcd 002   VA Magic Dew (Space Baby Records)
priсe 350 ру (без стоимости пересылки)
450 ру (включая стоимость пересылки)

 По вопросу приобретения пишите в личку или по этим контактам    ///   icq 322863239

Онлайн Calamus

Огромный респект тебе Kyoto, прослушал диск на одном дыхании. :victory: Очень мягкий красивый саунд, больше всего понравился трек Knockin' to the Heaven Door.
Отдельное мерси Space Baby Records за диск  :friends: До встречи через 2 денька на Истерике  :alien:

Онлайн Sentimony

интересный саунд :music:
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