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18.09.09 - Aura Of Goa (Goa 2 Year Anniversary)

Goadelic 18.09.2009, 15:58 14505 2

Aura Of Goa perjantai 18.9.2009, 20 - 04 @ Helsinki Club
Afterparty lauantai 19.9.2009 05-12 @ Playground

Main event line-up:

Talamasca Live (FRANCE, Mind Control, 3D Vision)
Talamasca DJ-set
Andromeda Live (SWEDEN, Yellow Sunshine)
Chromosome Live (SWEDEN, Dream Visions)

Kiwa Live (Exogenic)
Phonogenic Live (Cocoon)
Salakavala Live (Antiscarp)
Luomuhappo Live (Freakdance)
Lunar Vegetarian Live (Goa)
Lergoi Volacheck Live (Unfair)

Aegonox (Goa, Entropy, Agitato)
Grin & Node (Deepscan)
Apo (Entropy)
Inkeri Tähti (Back 2 Mad)
Shishya (Sunstation, Synchro)

Goa club 2 year birthday / anniversary.

Ticket price for main event presale tickets are is 19eur in Cybershop (Asematunneli & Kamppi), 20.2eur in Tiketti. Door tickets are 23eur (if the event is not sold out beforehand).

Afterparty price is 8eur for those that have been to the main event (and have the wristband (ranneke). For others the price is 11eur. Afterparty does not have presale tickets. Afterparty is directly after main event, Saturday 19th of September 05-12 in Playground (Iso Roobertinkatu 10)

Afterparty line-up:
Texas Faggott Live (Exogenic)
Soladria Live (Goa, Peyotii Recordings)
Indigo (Unity, Sininen)
Tim Thick (Exogenic, Texas Faggott, Mandalavandalz)
Lionel Tiger (Blow)
Whiskey Baba (aka Calamar Audio, Antiscarp)
Peter Pan (Entropy)
Getafix (Sokeaa Euforiaa)

Other main event info:

Visuals by VJ Metamystik

Decorations by Trootootoo (UKRAINE) and Synchronometrica.

Trootootoo is a very interesting decoration group. They have visited two times in underground parties in Finland and this is their first time in Helsinki. Trootootoo is famous of very special and unique decoration technique. Trootootoo backdrop cloths contain mirror surfaces that reflect light and bring the pictures very alive. Below are two pictures and the rest are in Trootootoo web pages:

According to our information, all four international acts (Talamasca, Andromeda, Chromosome and suprise act) have never performed in Finland, so we have 4 debut performances in Finland !

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Онлайн Goadelic

The day of Goa club 2 year birthday has arrived. It is today. We have been working for weeks to make this day very special. So be there ;)

A few important things.

Party starts 20:00 (8PM). Kiwa plays already 21:20 first international act (Andromeda) starts 22:10. Be there early to avoid queues. Tickets will be on sale at door for 23eur (cash only). To make the queue to progress faster, please try to reserve an exact amount of 23eur for the ticket seller and for the cloakroom fee (that is 2eur or 2.5eur) and take your jacket off already before arriving in front of the cloakroom desk.

Remember that there is also the afterparty at Playground 05AM - 12AM, so prepare for a long party ;)

Онлайн Guitars on Mushroom

Мужской местный
Afterparty ебанись просто :w00t: Да и Salakavala послушать очень хочется. Привезите!!!
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