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10.04.09 - Butterfly Effect (Tallinn, Estonia)

Легендарный 30.03.2009, 19:47 12766 7

10.04.09 Butterfly Effect (Sounds of Aliens 4)
Location: Depeche Mode Bar 2 (Voorimehe 4)
Start at 22:00

Voodoo (Planetarium Group)
Psyfreak(Sounds of Aliens)
Speaking Robot (Planetarium Group)
Psyhest (Sounds Of Aliens)
Unitone (SunStation Records) Rus

Unitone (Uni’ means dream in finno-ugric languages and ‘tone’ means nothing else as tone) is a Dj moniker for Anton Borissov who was born in Russia and grew up in Tallinn (Estonia).
Since 2002 Anton had played many gigs all around Baltic States, and also Russia and Finland as well as participating in organization of many events in his home city Tallinn. In 2004 he found himself living in St. Petersburg (Russia) where he meet a few freaks who share same interests and toghether they had founded independent label called Sun Station which unites artists, Djs and designers. And his role is actually to be proper A&R, booking manager and kicking label DJ. and

Its time for a fourth psychedelic Gathering!
UV decorations by Uhvo and others ..... Art by Psyhest..Quality SoundSystem and Psychedelic lights!

Tickets: Till 00:00 75eek, later 100eek
Age limit 18, Dont forget your ID!

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