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17.04.2009 - Steven Ozmali Album Release Party (Wider Visions Entertainment Inc)

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Photoluminescence is the emission of light which is caused by the irradiation of a substance with other light.
The term embraces both fluorescence and phosphorescence.
The spectrum of the photoluminescence can deliver important information for device characterization !.

.:Line up:.

20:00-21:30 Bem-Pole Connection -Live [Freakdance rec.] space rock
21:30-22:30 Crystal Cris -Live [Wider Visions] progressive psychedelia
22:30-23:30 Huopatossu Mononen -Live [Freakdance rec.] finnish kakofonia
23:30-00:30 Luomuhappo -Live [Freakdance rec.] spugestep
00:30-01:30 Steven Ozmali -Live Set [Ozmali rec.] NL ozmali music
01:30-02:30 Steven Ozmali -Dj Set [Ozmali rec.] NL full-on psychedelia
02:30-> Hypno -Live [Wider Visions] finnish full on psychedelia ( Kimi from Re-Animator )

.:Misc Info:.

Decor Spectacle: Flowers Of Life
Illumination: Hailisen Lasse
Gfx & Visuals: Wider Visions Ry
Wider Sound Concept: EAW+Db Audiotechnik ~8kw
Entry fee: 10 EUR
Age Limit: K-18


Steven Ozmali NL

Steven / Ozmali is one of Amsterdam's internationally established psytrance dj's.
He has featured in most of Holland's clubs and underground locations since 1996,
and several psychedelic trance parties worldwide (Trancendence 2002
Universo Paralello 2003
, BOOM festival 2004 [Pt], Meiko Open Air 2005 [Fi], etc.
He has been collecting and mixing ambient, psytrance and world music since 1996
and has developed a beautiful and unique fusion of electronic and live sound with groovy finnish style elements.
Ozmali plays a terrific & truly psychedelic night set,
which is a showcase of modern underground trance culture worldwide.Since 2005
Ozmali is also producing psytrance and world/electronic music. Ozmali ’s live set is very Live indeed ,
allowing direct interaction with the dancefloor crowd and never ending variety .. !! And now it is time to relase first Ozmali album !!!!

'a divine channel of good taste in music' .......

Bem-Pole Connection

Originally started as a solo project of Max Laine in the early 00's, Bem-pole Connection transformed into a four member live band in spring 2007 with band members previously known from various groups (Jelly Roll Rockers Union, Kimaera, Hidria Spacefolk, Evilsons, Äänisirkus).

Bem-pole Connection plays anything from acid-jazzed chill-out grooves to full-steam psychedelic prog/post-rock. Get Connected!

Band personnel:

Max Laine
Programming/sequencer, guitar

Veikko Sutinen
Synths & keyboards

Arttu Muhonen
Drums & percussion

Sauli Karhu

Bempole myspace @

Crystal Cris

Crystal Cris is 26-year-old promoter/producer/sound technician from southern part of Finland.

After playing piano for several years Cris was fed up playing only one instument at a time
and he also wanted to make his own music. These first productions were made with tracker
software and the project name was "AstroSonic".
Since those early years Crystal Cris has made leaps of progress in his journey of screwing,
twisting and tuning audio into new dimensions. Piano has changed to synthesizers
and tracker programs were updated to more sophisticated multitracking tools.

His sound could be described as a combination of groovy fat basslines, groovedelic beats,
jamming melody lines and a touch of finnish forest flavour.. The overall style floats
seamlessly from progressive, yet psychedelic trance to more deep twisted realm with freaky FX and rolling basslines.
In 2002 Cris and his two friends established a record company called Liquid Revolution Records.
Having nice amount of gear in a nice studio room was a dream come true to this young revolutionist.
Two years later Cris hooked up with two guys from Pelto Records and Wider Visions Ry was founded.

Despite his young age Crystal Cris has been busy with many projects in the finnish psy-scene.
Last couple of years he has practically spent all his time and resources for organising psy-trance
parties with the rest of the Wider Visions crew. Many interesting acts have visited Finland
for the first time during this period, such as Cosmosis, S.U.N. Project, Grapes of Wrath,
Ocelot, Electrypnose, Jahbo, Filteria, etc.

Crystal Cris Myspace @

Flowers Of Life

Flowers of Life brings events and parties whole completely new worlds covering the whole space
with colourful 3D fluoro creations and paintings. Characteristics for Flowers Of Life works is
the desings based on sacred geometrical and symmetrical shapes what can be found all around us.
The desings are really clever and all of the decoration are lightweighted and ofcourse complety
foldable and transportable even in small spaces.
The deco spectacles is a combination of high quality show technic, huge amounts of blacklight´s
and most incredible decorations what engtangles togeter with eachother creating complete visual experience for spectators.

Veikko Lappainen, the founder and main designer of Flowers Of Life made his first fluoro paintings in beginning of 2000,
already in those deco pieces the incredible talent of desing and innovation was shown. First years veikko and some time
to time helpers was doing Flowers Of Life as unofficial group what mostly did only small underground psytrance events inside Finland.
First real comlete fluoro world was presented to public audience in 2006 in S.U.N Flower event what was held in Helsinki
with Wider Visions organisation. For this event huge serious of new decorations, paintings and 3D creations was made and
the response was really good and the groud was totally amazed, it was something completely new and out from this world !
Bright psychedelic and colourful fluoro athmosphere with huge flying and rotating multi dimesional objects and symmetrical
mandalas desinged with sacred geometrical shapes became the trademark´s of this team really fast.

Flowers Of Life homepage @

Wider Sound Concept

Three way custom desingned sound system ~8kw.
this soundsystem will rock your ass !
2 x EAW mid / high
2 x D&B Audiotechnic subs
päätteet: EV / DP
Prosessointi: THX ( 6 digital outputs )

Автор: Мelanty

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 Big party. Have to go there.!!

Онлайн Мelanty

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Все в лай-н апе нравятся, кроме самого Озмали  :biggrin:

Онлайн MOtja

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Huopatossu Mononen -Live  :w00t:

поехали) :music: 
у меня как раз к апрелю виза будет готова  :rolleyes:

Онлайн MOtja

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02:30-> Hypno -Live [Wider Visions] finnish full on psychedelia ( Kimi from Re-Animator )

вот что выдал майспейс на запрос  Hypno     :crazy: :lol:

Онлайн Мelanty

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