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28.03.09 - Unfair Funfair featuring Sun Station Records

Мelanty 18.02.2009, 00:56 18505 6


[Fantasy club, Visbynkuja 2, Itäkeskus Helsinki.]



PAN PSYCHIC [live - Sunstation - RU]

DJ UNITONE [Dj - Sunstation EST]

TORAKKA [live - Thirteen productions - FIN]

D.D.A [liVE - Adama/Antiscarp/Junior Goa Mob - FIN]



PAN PSYCHIC [live - Sunstation - RU]

The Pan Psychic project is: Georgy aka Geo, Ivan Fedorenko (joined in 2006), Alexei Kravchenko (left in 2005).

The project started in 1999 in St. Petersburg (Russia). The first public performance took place in spring 2000. Pan Psychic is the first project at St. Petersburg trance scene that introduced live performance program, which consisted of their own material only. In 2001 the first track has been published as a part of "DJ Parade Euro" compilation called "5th race".

Musical preferences of participants of group are various enough, so this affects their creativity. Tracks are various on stylistics: melodic morning sound, goa... and psychedelic with dark style and techno elements.

Pan Psychic participated in a large number of various club events, open-airs and festivals in Russia.

Since 2006 Pan Psychic are party residents of Shanti sound system, one of the oldest promo-groups in St. Petersburg and Russia:

In 2007 project joined Sun Station team.
Album "We are not who we are" was released by Sun Station records and available at homepage for free download.
Album Demo:

DJ UNITONE [Dj - Sunstation EST]

Unitone (Uni’ means dream in finno-ugric languages and ‘tone’ means nothing else as tone) is a Dj moniker for Anton Borissov who was born in Russia and grew up in Tallinn (Estonia). Since early childhood Anton’s main passion was music, thanks to his father who as a seaman brought home a lot of records from all over the world and gave him good taste for music. So it’s not a surprise that young Anton wanted to become a “decks jedi “or DJ. Little by little he had learned how to mix groove and to make people move. In the memorable year of 1997 Anton got heavily infected by electronic psychedelic virus and started to widespread it further through his sets playing all the variety of trance music.

Since 2002 Anton had played many gigs all around Baltic States, and also Russia and Finland as well as participating in organization of many events in his home city Tallinn. In 2004 he found himself living in St. Petersburg (Russia) where he meat a few freaks who share same interests and thoghether they founded independent label called Sun Station which unites artists, Djs and designers. And his role is actually to be proper A&R, booking manager and kicking label DJ.

Unitone is an experienced performer who played at many different events: from multithouthand raves to underground forest gatherings and from crowdy clubs to cozy bars. In 2008 he become probably the most booked psytrance dj out of St. Petersburg, performing at parties and festivals all around Russia as well as in European countries.

When Unitone plays his sets he tries to amaze crowd with something new and original. Depending on the mood of the party music can be twisted hypnotic and psychedelic with driving basslines up to groovy tunes with quirky sounds, funky riffs and atmospheric melodies.For special events he also ready to serve a mixture of progressive house, chilled down electro and breaks or IDM with smooth psychedelic touch. Not addicted to any paticular style of music his sets are sometimes progressive, sometimes aggressive but always sincere and worth to hear.

Apart music activities (mostly for not getting completely deaf) Anton studies Application of Mathematics into Social Science at St. Petersburg State University and writes reviews about psychedelic music and culture for different medias like Elixiria and Syke Magazine, Trancers Guide etc…
For booking and questions use email:

TORAKKA [live - Thirteen productions - FIN]

Torakka's unique progressive/epic trance has been released by Thirteen records in Finland and international labels on their compilations (Inpsyde media, 42 records and Ibiza records).Torakka has performed live at Scandinavia's biggest electronic music festival Koneisto in 2002, 2003 and 2004, at Finland's most innovating music festival Konemetsä, Transylvania's trance festival and at numerous ug parties around.
He often adds extra flavor to his sets by playing his guitar. Because of his wide taste of music his own production is unique, got a lot of air and many facets. His progressive bass lines starts from minimalism and grow up to more complex patterns.
His first album called "Far out express" was released late 2004 by Thirteen records and it got a very nice response all around the world.
New Torakka album called "Insane in the universe" is gonna be released in 2009


D.D.A [liVE - Adama/Antiscarp/Junior Goa Mob]
Random sounds from norhern hemisphere: It all started in about mayday 2004, the pre-army season when three guys(I-Oni, KOS-1 and YOUH-NO) decided to make sounds that twist&shout 'n' burn your brains out! Suddenly, the pre-army season was over, and we got separated and TRANCE-ported in different locations around Finland, which of course made our music making impossible, so there was a huge gap in producing music after we went to army. During this time, I-Oni was reading a shitload of different tips&tricks around the internet to become the ulti-meat trance-badass, but he was not yet fully capable of producing properly. He needed someone to fill the void that was yet to be filled, and then he met Rays' K1 in 2006. Rays' K1 also happened to be looking for someone to make music with, and the guys decided to give it a shot. Now for almost two years of producing together, they have found the style that they want to make and will continue to bend it to even better. U can contact these guys by E-mail( or random IM's(skype/icq nick: telerush)


D.D.A 22.00 - 23.00
TORAKKA 23.00 - 00.00
UNITONE 00.00 - 01.00
PAN PSYCHIC 01.00 - 02.30

Damage around 8? plus door. (2?)


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