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VA - Psychedelic Chronicles (08-09 The Year That Was) [Tremors Underground] 2009

SkAzOchNik 27.01.2009, 12:01 3822 7

Название: Psychedelic Chronicles (08-09 The Year That Was)
Лейбл: Tremors Underground
Дата: January 21, 2009
The periodic year of 2008 Ad was a landmark year in the psychedelic music genre.The Global Roster of Mental Musicians grew wider with artists coming from far and near places like India ,Norway ,Argentina etc besides the usual suspect countries like Russia,Greece,Sweden etc.Tremors Underground Productions assembled some of the best psychedelic releases in the year 2008 from various killer labels and compiled it together in a double cd disc .We, at Tremors Underground had a tough time choosing and selecting the gems of 2008, because there were so many quality tracks in abundance and and had to be squeezed into a double cd pack. Ultimately we managed to squeeze 150 mins of cutting edge, timeless compositions which will be heard for years to come and will go beyond the year 2008. The Pure Collector's item for true Psychedelic Trance music Freaks.

1.1. Hutti Heita   / Twisting The Night Away
1.2. Derango  / Irrbloss Part 1
1.3. Mubali  / Narcolepsy
1.4. Krussedull  / Banana Boat
1.5. Psilo Cowboys  / Sweet & Sour
1.6. Kerosene Club  / Into The Womb Of Parvati
1.7. Gappeq  / Watermelon Juice
1.8. Polyphonia   / Voodoo Style
1.9. Kuluzik  / Dusk

2.01. Megalopsy Vs Xikwry Neyra   / Shapeshifter
2.02. Silent Horror  / Other Worlds
2.03. Irgum Burgum   / Call Me Tomorrow
2.04. Sectio Aurea   / As Above So Below
2.05. Sonik Scizzor   / Lost On The Trip (Rmx)
2.06. Aerofurious  / Top 2008
2.07. Kashyyyk  / Magic Lamp
2.08. Cosmo  / Super Skunk 3000
2.09. Furious & Exited  / Ufo on Lfo
2.10. Highko   / Who Has Won

Сборник бонус-треков от Tremors Underground. Подозреваю, что большая часть издана. Но ведь это не испортит удовольствия истинным фанатам серьезного ночного звучания  :biggrin:

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Хутти Хейта и Крусседулл с Игэгэ  :boredom:

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знакомые буквы встретил?

Онлайн Guitars on Mushroom

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Тож недавно слушал,показалось знакомым :pardon:

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Онлайн Anima

знакомые буквы встретил?

Встретил недавно выпущенный отличный трек в окружении шляпы  :biggrin:

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Aerofurious  / Top 2008 и Cosmo  / Super Skunk 3000 - хорошие трэки :good:
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