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VA - Shamanisma [Space Baby Records] 10/08

SkAzOchNik 25.09.2008, 18:30 8261 15

список песен:

01 Angels Meditations (intro) - Shiva3
02 Secret Symbols - Alienapia
03 Shamanizer - Fragletrollet   
05 MagicOrchestra - MatimatEka
06 Deisis - Omegahertz
07 Back To Source - Spirit Medicine
08 Yello - Shiva3
09 Trees Of Psychedelia - Indica
10 The Fool - The Muses Rapt 
11 Schnickschnick - Reality Pixie
12 Shamanik - Paper Squad
13 Dovevation For Live - Kukan Dub Lagan
14 Rainforest_Evterpa - Maiia 
15 Special For You - Pantomiman
16 Om Mahalakshmi - Shangri-la 
17 Tribe With Shamans - Lethal Doze Feat Spayo Ventax
18 Twenty - Yestegan Chay
19 The Shaman Within - Unknown Cause
20 Anterra - Zymosis
21 Talvitalvi (Outro) - James Reipas

чудесное название лейбла, милая обложка, несколько звездных музыкантов и куча наших - чем не будущий хит =)

превью на арабеске

все это чудо выйдет в конце октября и будет доступно в большинстве магазинов.

ps - самое главное забыл написать - обложку рисовал чувак из спб =)))
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Онлайн Боцман


Онлайн n0thingspec1al

Мужской организатор
обложку рисовал юра стотыка. был в то время в питере, но вообще он крымский.
зато мастеринг - каданг студио, санстейшн, спб.  :biggrin:

Онлайн k°c†я

Fragletrollet'а трек понравился \ запомнился. Ещё несколько понравились, но не запомнились. В целом очень приятные ощущения от компиляции.

Онлайн n0thingspec1al

Мужской организатор
1 сд - танцы
2 сд - чиллаут

Онлайн SkAzOchNik

Мужской модератор
 :biggrin: молодцы!

Онлайн Guitars on Mushroom

Мужской местный

Онлайн FLuR

Мужской местный
гнагги опять чем-то недоволен :biggrin:

Онлайн SkAzOchNik

Мужской модератор
го любимые ЕвсИ опять не на том лейбле издаются  :biggrin:

Онлайн Guitars on Mushroom

Мужской местный
 :biggrin: да чет тут их трек боян какой-то,точно слышал,а мож и есть где-то :biggrin:

превью не понра,только 6 трек ниче фуллончег вроде как =))

Онлайн neutrino

нуда кучамала =)

Онлайн shivaz

Мужской организатор
Space Baby Records (Ukraine)  V.A. Shamanisma  (2 CD) CD 001

Since 2003 Euphoria promo takes an active part in organizing
psychedelic/goa trance parties and festivals combining experimental and ethnic sounds.
    We used to treat our visitors with a pleasant, friendly and bright
company. For about 5 years we organizing different performances in
Ukraine and abroad. We have taken part in such great festivals as
Trancekvazar 2003 (Russia), Sky Gravity 2005 (Ukiraine), Liquid beach
2006 (Crimea), Crimea trance fest (Feodosia), and also have cooperated with Space of Joy Festival 2006,2007 (Crimea - Sun Valley). We also have been working with FreeMinGRoup, who has made Electronic Music Fest - Spirit Ritual Dance 2006 / 2007 / 2008 (Ukraine)
   With a birth of our daughter Nikol' we've decided to make a new
step in the trance culture and create new label named the Space-Baby
Records  We sound like goa / ethnic / shaman sound / suomi / night psy and dub / experemental and etc  Together with our friends musicians and designers we have created our first CD! The disk design is done by a guy from Saint-Petersburg - Stokya, using the pictures of their favorite artists and friends - Shivanebula and her father   She and Iri (Euphoria) created a poet intro into for each disk ! The site will be done by our Macedonian friends. This compilation is mastered by our russian friends Gosha aka Pan Psychic and Sun Station. We hope that the idea of our disk is very new, unique and will interest many people in the future !

 This compilation consists of two CDs, each representing one of two ideals: it displays the cosmic and the shamanic perception of reality. Every note of this magic music brings you into trance meditation of the full moon and the sunlight at the same time. The first CD is a morning dance of elves among sounds of goa / suomi / morning psy. This is the shaman’s sound like a game between light and shadows among sun beams that are making their way through the tops of trees. The second CD brings you a magic dance of dreaming butterflies, which are flying among the petals of the flower fields with sounds of dub / ethnic / down tempo and other chill out music, which are flying away to the sky. The disk design is done by a guy from Crimea - Stokya, using the pictures of their favorite artists and friends - Shivanebula and her father. She and Iri (Euphoria) created a poet intro into for each disk ! This compilation is mastered by our russian friends Gosha aka Pan Psychic and Sun Station.

Space Baby Records   VA Shamanisma  (Double CD)   
(compilation by Okujah - euphoria promo) Ukr   
RELEASE DATE : 17 october

Intro for all CD 1 and 2 
For Tomorrow    by shiva mognon rifka hommerson   ojas siddhis

Long ago, the world was one
We walked through the ice floes
To an unenduring land
Our future, our hope
There was something in the air,
The Age of the Unknown
Far beyond the sea of trees
The vision laid close

There's a place where the sun shines beighter
There's a mountain that climbs to the stars...

Day and night we built a reign
With heavenly desire
Sweat and dreams made up the bricks
That raised up our walls

Paying tribute to the gods
And blood kept on flowing
And the lust for knowledge
Was the sense of it all

Fly, fly to the stars,
Reach them on high
Bring back the answers of the night
Roll with the clouds,
Sing with the birds,
'Cos one day we'll have to say goodbye!

Here we go, carrying no longer sorrow
Standing up in the wind
Walk along, marching on for tomorrow
In this never ending way

Many years of harmony
The message arrived soon
Three big stars lined up together
A chill in the air...

The high-priest was dressed in black
On top of the stairways
Longing for the sacrifice
Of those who would dare

Fly, fly to the stars
Then let it fall
Into the emptiness of night
Our time has come
Time to move on
'Cos one day we have to say goodbye...

Here we go, carrying no longer sorrow
Standing up in the wind
Walk along, marching on for tomorrow
In this neverending way

Come with me to Paradise
Let's return again,
Let's return again!

To be closer to the skies
Living on a dream,
Living on a dream...

Here we go, carrying no longer sorrow
Standing up in the wind
Walk along, marching on for tomorrow
In this neverending way

Intro for  сd 1

fly o fly with my body of light,
from the deep of the mighty night,
morning sun,
reflected in the green..
nature on the very best, like nothing before seen...
whisper whisper .. secret of light,
open the doors to go on with this flyed..
whisper whisper, secret weel, spinning love spinning love
to let us feel...

CD 1  (Elfs Morning Ritual)
1 Shiva3                 -               Angel Meditation (intro)      Ukr
2 Alienapia              -               Secret symbols                 Ukr
3 Fragletrollet          -               Shamanizer                     Norway   
4 EvsY                    -   uGRO sHAMANISTIC mOVEZ        Finland   
5 Magimatic            -                MagicOrchestra                 Rus
6 OmegaHertz        -                Deisis                              Greece
7 Spirit Medicine     -                 Back to source                   Ukr
8 Shiva3                -                Yello                                  Ukr
9 Indica                 -                Trees of Psychedelia          Sweden
10 Muses Rapt        -               The Fool                             Ibiza
11 Reality Pixie       -               Schnickschnick                  Avstralia

Intro for Russian for сd 2

Вейте, развивайте ветры…
Тонкость бытия рисуйте
Картиной на тонкой коже
Нашей. А чуть позже
Вслед за рассветом летите,
Сотрет пусть солнце иллюзии.
Проснитесь души сонные
В танце лета и зелени
С лучами света танцуйте…

CD 2 (Dreaming Butterfly Ritual)

1 Paper Squad             -                     Endless mindpunt            Russia
2 Kukan Dub Lagan      -                     DOvevation for live         Israel
3 Maiia                         -                     Rainforest_Evterpa        Russia
4 Pantomiman              -                     Special for you               Russia   
5 Shangri-la                  -                    Om Mahalakshmi           Belorus   
6 Lethal Doze feat Spayo Ventax     -   Tribe with shamans          Ukr
7 Yestegan chaY             -                   Twenty                          Israel
8 Unknown Cause          -                    The Shaman Within        Norway
9 Zymosis                     -                     Anterra                        Ukr
10 James Reipas            -                    Talvitalvi    (outro)        Finland 

Artists Myspace :

Zymosis  / Alienapia 
James Reipas
Reality Pixie
Kukan Dub Lagan
Muses Rapt
Paper Squad
Spirit Madicine
Yastegan Chay
Unknown Cause 


Space Baby Records   
Ukraine Crimea
Sevastopol city  38-25     
Postal Code :  99028
Averin Andrey / Kogut Irina (Under Construction)
skype – okujah
icq 322863239
tel : +3980972869116  Oku and Iri

Онлайн Anima

Пара треков на троечку на первом, пара треков на четверочку на втором.


Онлайн SkAzOchNik

Мужской модератор
что, неужели лучше, чем Бас?  :biggrin:

Онлайн Anima

Баса не слышал еще :biggrin:

Онлайн human

послушал краем уха первый диск... пара песен слух не режет)
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