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11-13.07.08 - Konemetsa festival @ Fin

konemetsa 15.04.2008, 23:38 88829 156

Waiting for the Sun. The 5th Konemetsä welcomes You to have a good time.

Line up vill be anounced 1.5

We would love that everyone comes to Konemetsä with an open mind and environment friendly attitude. As responsible event organizers we will do our best so that our waste management will be a success. We will provide the area with more refuse bins than in the past. Our Eco Team will do their best to keep the place clean but we need your help. We believe that garbage makes more garbage. That means that if YOU keep the environment clean the rest of the people are likely to do so as well. You really can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We will also introduce a garbage deposit to help to keep the area clean. This means that everyone will have to give a deposit of 10 ? on the time of arrival. You will be given a garbage bag and a token. When you leave you will get your deposit money back when you bring the token and the garbage bag at least half filled to our dumpster.

The confirmed age limit will be here soon. Until then consider the age limit to be K-18 to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Konemetsä is truly a world of its own. Preparing your journey is the best way to get the most out of your weekend. Here is a list of things that are recommended to bring:

- Tent and camping gear.
- Sleeping Bag
- Flashlight
- Mosquito Repellent
- Towel and Swimming Gear
- Padlock for your Tent
- Warm Clothes / X Change Clothes / Rain Clothes
- Portable ashtray for cigarette butts.

- Half of what you own. Reduce the items you bring to minimum. Specially do not bring too much of what is considered as conveniences namely RUBISH!

When you settle up your camp it is a great idea to make friends with your neighbors. This helps them to recognize someone that could be lost in a camp where one does not belonging to.

Music will be performed on four stages.
The Main Stage is a classic. We will have a state of the art sound system that comes with a spectacular light show.
Desert stage will host the coolest of Hard Trance, Nu-NRG, Breaks and Psy-Trance.
The Chill-Out Stage will entertain you in a more mellow side of Konemetsä.
This year will see the progress of Stage X-Rust and MTK combined into one stage where Stage X-Rust use to be.

There will be water for everyone free of charge.

There will be restaurants and bars where you may get proper meals of different cuisine and snacks of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You may refresh yourself in one of our bars and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while listening to the music you prefer.

This is one of the most characteristic parts of Konemetsä. The Sauna is warmed up before the festival begins and it’s kept hot during the whole event. The pool outside the Sauna is a refreshing and popular place to be specially when the weather gets hot during the day.

The camping area will open for audience on Friday 11th July at noon (12:00). Camping is FREE and is restricted to the fields. No forest camping is allowed due to safety reasons.
We have three camping areas this year (A, B, and C). A is in the same field where the Chill-Out tent is. B and C are located in the fields behind Desert Stage.

Our friendly and highly professional Party Aid Crew will take good care of you in case of physical injuries, dehydration etc. They also provide friendly company for partygoers that are confused or in an unusual state of mind. Please consult them in case of any kind of accidents.

We highly recommend that people should use public transport when coming to Konemetsä because we do NOT have a free parking area anymore. This is an inconvenience to all of us but this year we’ll have to live with it. The farmer who owns the land has decided to grow crop where our free parking area used to be. All vehicles will therefore be parked on the field close to the venue. Our security people will keep on eye on the parking area but it is still not advisable to leave your valuables in the vehicles.

Price: Car 20?. Mobile homes or caravans: 30? (Incl. electricity 1 pc 230V/16A).

During the years we have had a lot of children enjoying themselves at Konemetsä. Well, who wouldn’t? Think of yourself as a kid in a forest and in a natural place like where our venue is. Some people think that electronic music and children doesn’t match, we think different. Children are welcome with responsible parents.

We will provide enough toilets and urinals including emptying service so you don’t have to experience the “normal” festival Baja Maja sight where the doodoo is higher than the seat. We’ve all been there and it is not a nice sight.

No open fires are permitted anywhere in the area. Festival staff will provide and maintain open fires around the area. Gas cooking devices are allowed with extreme caution. Caution is also required when smoking. Always stub out your cigarette in a container or similar and make sure the light has gone out. There is water in barrels around the area for immediate distinguishing and fire distinguishers are located in all stages and bars. Please inform our staff members immediately if you discern any type of fire in the area.

ATTN: Do NOT drink and drive. It's not just illegal but also very hare-brained and dangerous to both yourself and the others.


Pre-sale outlets 2008

Both physical outlet & web sale

- FIN:
- INT:

For Finnish party people
- Street Beat:


Early Bird: 37? (until 30th April) + booking fee
Late Bird: 43? (1st May - 11th July) +booking fee
Gate Price 50?

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Онлайн Guitars on Mushroom

Мужской местный
 :w00t: да лана!!!!!!Как так?

Онлайн Lo

А вот так!!!

приехала сегодня к прибытию поезда..подошла к своему вагончику и фин отдал!!! :w00t:

Онлайн Guitars on Mushroom

Мужской местный
+1 финнам! :biggrin:

Онлайн Мelanty

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финны сука добрые!

Онлайн n0thingspec1al

Мужской организатор
не первый

мероприятие как мероприятие. есть большие отличия от местных, но кроме + есть еще и -

Онлайн dmitmen

Мужской местный
расскажи за "-" с точки зрения орга.

Онлайн подполье

про + тоже =)

Онлайн spacetec

ахахаха. миха слышала что у тебя тапки увели. вот плюс. какой то бомжхиппи будет ходить в тапках санстейшан.  :biggrin:

а меня попытался на 25 евро нагреть водила нашего автобуса. взяв деньги за вход в него, а когда я предьявила тикет на фест почему -то сразу резко перестал говорить по- английски. но потом на остановке зачем- то подошел поговорить о погоде и дождях и в итоге вернул баблитос. спасибо русскоговорящим финам.
 чонить про фест:
(-)фест кстати все растет и растет. уже развитая инфраструктура с магазами и жрачкой. и вообще в этот раз выгнали часть народу на дополнительное поле за лесом. ходить далеко, зато русский  куклус клан отдельна.
(-)еще постоянно подванивало дерьмишком какая то растительность с поля.

(-)ну и конечна опять кинологи и собаки только я не поняла почему французы какие то. видела как она со спины прям кинулась на какую то эмо девочку, видимо чота было с собой, а может просто собака психованная, но вроде в этот раз между палаток не шастали и у автобусов не ждали.

(+)а еще в этот раз было почище на танцполе и в других местах. эко тим работала-это было видно.

ржачный момент: когда мимо шел какой то попфрик фин и сбил колышек у нашего тента , что грозило обвалом всей палаточной конструкции. и он так стоял и держал за веревочку, пока я спросонья не вылезла и не поняла что кто-то стоит в ночи и держит тент и боица отпустить. конечно поднять колышек и воткнуть в его медленной голове идеи не нашлось.

фотки попозже выложу в большом кол-ве. нафотала фриков. и бабок у игровых автоматов в городе  :biggrin:

Онлайн Мelanty

Женский местный

Онлайн n0thingspec1al

Мужской организатор
жанк палишь проишествия )))

в целом фест лучше по орг работе, чем любой наш трансерский. но это не совсем то.
мероприятие уровня "медного озера" или любого общественного рейва, но с ярко выраженным акцентом на пситранс и гораздо цивильнее.
честно, минусы и плюсы - это всё детали. общее впечатление хорошее.

хотя любители дискотек в лесу для узкого круга друзей наверняка не оценили тему.

Онлайн Легендарный

17.07.2008, 02:31 | Правка: 17.07.2008, 03:33
жанк палишь проишествия )))
Junk! :biggrin: :biggrin:

Онлайн MOtja

Женский местный
фотки с Кониметцы:

наконец то я их выложила, некоторые кверх тормашками получились, как исправить не врубаюсь))

Онлайн spacetec
a lot of pics right now right here.

Онлайн MOtja

Женский местный
good fotos  :good:

Онлайн Iris

Женский местный
наша версия:

Онлайн MOtja

Женский местный
топ в раздел "фесты"!!!!  ;)

Онлайн Orange Psycho Girl

Женский местный
Мне, кстати, прислали вот недавно:

Hi Konemetsä mailing list.

Our crew wishes you a very Happy New Year. Hope to see you all in the forest in July.

The 5th Konemetsä in 2008 gathered almost 4000 daily visitors to enjoy a groovy weekend out in the lovely Finnish forest. It is still quite small compared to many other festivals but this already makes it the largest electronic music event in Finland. We’re expecting a bit more party people in 2009.

We believe that every event has to evolve and Konemetsä is no exception. We’ll come up with new surprises and innovations for our next summer’s festival. One of them is that Konemetsä 2009 will be a four days festival instead of three days. We’re starting already on Thursday on the 2nd of July. We’re also postponed the ending from Sunday noon to Sunday 6pm. We hope that this will make your festival experience even more enjoyable than before.

Even if we’re aware of that Konemetsä is an event driven festival, we will still do our very best so that the line-up would be both appealing to our demanding core audience and surprising at the same time. Most of the line-up will be announced on the 1st of April on our website.

Konemetsä wants to put high effort on becoming even more ecological than before. Last year (2008) we did well but there is always something that can be done even better.

The tickets are already on sale. The cheapest ticket category will close today (31st Dec. 2008) so please act fast if you want to get one of those cheap Egg Bird tickets. Links to our ticket outlets can be found on our website.

Please feel also free to check out our preview website for 2009 which was launched today on the 31st of December.

In case that you have any questions concerning Konemetsä 09, please express your thoughts by writing us an e-mail.

info (the sign)

Love, Light & All The Best
Konemetsä Crew

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